Smartphone Games Medical Practitioners Would Love Playing

Doctors are no strangers when it comes to smartphone apps. Some new apps are even known to help them greatly in their career, giving them quick access to medical content, increasing their efficiency at the medical startup, and what-not. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there are smartphone games as well that are designed specifically for the medical practitioner’s delight. If you’re curious about these games, then best take a look at some of the examples below.

Open Heart Surgery Doctor

This Android game allows you to simulate performing various heart surgical procedures. Extremely detail-oriented, it even includes the minutiae of hospital life, such as making sure the patient gets to the hospital on time, making sure the vital signs are healthy, and determining the heart disease. Fun and easy to play, this is definitely a game doctors would enjoy.

Doctor Kids

Through this game, you’ll be able to get to know what it’s like to be a children’s general doctor, guiding them in your clinic to ensure they become healthy again. It goes like this: the children come to your hospital, and you perform necessary tests on them (e.g., dental cleaning, eye exam, etc.) as well as diagnose their illnesses before taking them to the right resident doctor. Featuring high-quality HD graphics and an easy-to-use UI, this app is definitely one of the best doctor’s games you’ll ever play.

Ear Doctor

As its name suggests, Ear Doctor allows you to simulate treating patients’ ears. In this game, you’ll have various cool medical tools at your disposal, enabling you to perform many interesting ear-treating procedures and making you feel like a real and powerful ear doctor in the process. Other features include the ability to select the patients you want to treat and unique and fabulous goodies that come with the treating procedures.

Crazy Doctor

Crazy Doctor is also a simulation game. Unlike the others listed here, however, this game combines humorous gameplays and terrifyingly realistic scenarios that will keep its players on edge. Providing the craziest medical tools and endowed with smooth controls, it’s your job to save as many patients as you can, each of them facing the most bizarre health problems that require creative solutions.

The Takeaway

Being a doctor shouldn’t be all work and no play. By downloading one or more of the games listed above, you’ll have something fun and relaxing to do. So best go get these games on Google Play.