Andrei Tablizo

This branch manager has been fueling his team’s motivation to the point of rising above and beyond set goals and targets. His ways and his team’s collaboration have proven to be effective not just in showcasing excellence but in exuding consistency at it as well.

Here are a few words from our guy ~

1.) Treat each day as a month end. Hustle and move as fast as you can in processing accounts for our beloved colleagues, loan consultants, partner dealers, and of course, our customers. Do this with integrity and without sacrificing output quality.

2.) Start with yourself, be the role model! Walk the talk and show people that they can expect more from you than what you told them you expect from them. Like pumasok ng maaga!

3.) #RiseAbove and beyond! Be the leader, but be willing to learn from anyone, be it a customer or a subordinate.

4.) Help each other and work as one – that doesn’t mean you have to do the same things at once, of course delegation and coordination are pertinent.

5.) Don’t give up and be excited for the reward! Trust that you will be blessed.

6.) Do not belittle the power of taking time to pause and asking for help and support when you’re in the middle of a crisis.