Surfacing GDFI’s Purpose, Vision, and Values

Companies’ purpose, vision, and values establish the very foundation of their existence, give people a glimpse of the future for a moment, and drive change through a set of principles compoundedly known as the organizations’ philosophical heartbeat. All of these are undoudbtedly essential to every institution anywhere across the globe, not just in the Philippines, and definitely not just with GDFI.

Recently, we – at Global Dominion, have revisited the entire set and analysed its alignment with the current economic climate, our organization’s stance amidst the continuously developing financing industry in the country, and our unparalleled regards to Filipinos’ ever-changing financing aspirations and needs. We have also considered the immensely growing technology inclusion in the field of financing, especially in the south-east asian region.

Management Strategies Inc. helped the team dig deeper and understand the need to formulate reflective and effective purpose, vision, and values that shall keep us at the top of our toes by financially empowering people across the globe. Our former mission – to be the Filipinos’ financing company of choice – has been repealed. Read our purpose, vision, and values here.

The 3-part program facilitated by Management Strategies Inc. started in January and ended in March. The exercise included interactive sessions which opened the eyes of the participants to the culture of the company, and the different directions to where our values and behaviors could lead us to.

Management Strategies is an Asia-based consulting institution dedicated to enabling organizations successfully weather the storms of a volatile and complex environment through culture building and other organizational development services. They’re committed to delivering organizational transformation, and making companies well poised for sustainable growth. Get to know more about their team here.