Team: A Bunch of Crazy Hearts and Wild Minds

How bad do you want things? How far will you go to achieve your goals and dreams? What if obstacles bigger than you expected come your way? What will make you push harder and #RiseAbove the rest?

Ask these questions to a group of persons instead of just one and you’d find a seemingly different perspective on the way these would be answered. Teams, unlike individuals, are so much more complicated and ambiguous. Moods can set from extreme cold to extreme heat in an instant. Imagine having to deal with your heart and your mind. Then imagine having to deal with multiple hearts and multiple minds!

Teams’ structures are normally formed by organizations, bigger groups of people, institutions, or companies, to organize movements and/or divisions and allow people to easily head towards one direction. Teams are normally composed of people with similar interests, lines of work or tasks, or even basic demographics like age and gender preference. There are teams inside any organization – big and small, formal and informal, personal and professional. In fact in a lifetime we all get to be in hundreds of teams on average, formal and informal combined.

For a team to move in one direction and with all its might, every single contributor has to be looking at the same finish line, rowing with his full strength, and dedicates his mind and body to achieve the same thing as the rest. So what’s the point here? If you find it difficult to influence one person, imagine how hard it is to influence a group of ten. Ten from different walks of life, with different backgrounds and upbringing, with varying skills and aptitude, and with altogether dissimilar outlook and goals in life.

A successful team is both destined and disciplined to be one. While fate brings people together, it is with discipline that they stay as is. Now take time to appreciate whoever is taking the lead in keeping people together in a team. If you’re thinking of a single leader, maybe the boss, then you are mistaken. A strong team is kept and molded by its each and every member. No one is more important than another, and the group is just as fragile as its weakest member.

But here’s another set of characteristics one can find in solid teams ~

More than One. No job is easy-peasy, but with more hands than one, jobs are absolutely lighter!

Diversity. People have different strengths and weaknesses and a team formation covers for each weakness and reinforces each strength. As a team grows and learns, its limitations become fewer.

Support. Sure, you can talk to yourself. But it’s another level to actually hear good and motivational words from another person.  A successful team has an all-supportive cast.

Fun! It’s chaotic, dramatic, dynamic, and even ultrasonic (kidding!) to deal with a bunch of wild minds and crazy hearts. But all of those can be outweighed the fun and joy. I’m sure you know what I mean.

Now pause for a sec and breathe in and out.

Imagine YOUR team.

Then answer the questions from the first paragraph, on behalf of the whole troop. Feel free to shout it out (at least in your head).

Talk about crazy hearts and wild minds, huh? Experience Fun and #LifeAtGDFI! Let us know you better – send us your resume via email to