The Global Dominion Wall of Wins

From new car purchases, to funding parents’ medications and  nephews’ tuition fees, and to a lot more… Global Dominion employees have so much to be thankful for.

GDFI Leadership facilitated an interactive town hall for the managers and department heads of the company. The session started with everyone passing their thank you’s and sorry’s around, through a distinct activity. It was followed by the groups discussing their aspirations and new goals for the year 2019. The program was closed by a ceremony showcasing commitment, loyalty, and trust to the leaders.. to the process.. to natural growth.. to themselves.. and to the belief that nothing is impossible! The final output of the event was no less than the GDFI Wall of Wins.

The Wall of Wins display the different things and events GDFI employees are thankful for last 2018. Many posted photos of their new cars, properties, businesses, and travel vacations with their families and friends. Personal and professional milestones were also shared on the said wall during the event.

The event is just one of those that prove how the GDFI environment highlights the importance of its people, relationships, and camaraderie in aid of the betterment of the institution’s processes, products, and services. The program follows the company’s regular town hall involving further development of its products such as OFW Cash Loan, Car Collateral Loan (Sangla ORCR), Doctors Personal Loan, Seaman’s Loan, Pinoy Abroad Loan, Medical Equipment Financing, Car Financing, Truck Loan, Car Loan Takeout, Truck Loan Takeout, and Truck Financing.

“Because of Global Dominion, I was able to establish my own business being handled by 2 employees. The business has enabled me to share my blessings not just with my family but with other people as well, and their families,” said Lea Yap, GDFI Assistant Area Manager, also one of the participants of the town hall. “GDFI’s love is a gift that keeps on giving,” she added.