The OFWs Guide to Starting a Bigasan Business

If you’re a global Pinoy and you’re looking for a business venture to pursue, then you might as well go start a bigasan business at home. But where exactly do you start? Read the steps we’ve listed out down below!

Get the Requirements

Acquire all the necessary documents required to start a bigasan business. These include DTI, BIR and SEC registrations, a license from the National Food Authority, and local business permits, among others. Aside from paperwork, you also need to make sure you have the capital to start your bigasan. Depending on scale, a bigasan’s estimated initial capital typically ranges from as low as Php 50,000.00 to as high as Php 250,000.00.

Pick a Good Spot

But having all the needed requirements (capital included) isn’t enough to ensure your bigasan business’ success. You also need to find the best location for your planned venture. You see, location will decide how many customers your bigasan would have. Where is your target area? Are there other bigasans established within that area? Will you be able to attract any customers there? Moreover, if the area you choose is prone to flooding or insects, you’ll risk losing your products to harsh elements and pests.

Acquire Equipment and Materials

Another thing OFWs should keep in mind when starting a bigasan is getting the best equipment and materials. Chances are, the National Food Authority will inspect your business before (and after) it is established. Best make sure everything in your shop would get approved. Among other things, you’ll need the following:

● Long-lasting rice containers.
● Sign-boards to inform everyone what your business is.
● Price tags to indicate rice rates per kilo.
● Weighing scales (Make sure they’re fair and square. Don’t trick your would-be customers!).

Take Care of Your Goods

Lastly, you should know how to store your rice properly. Remember that rice, like other perishable products, can go moldy or rotten if not well taken care of. So get a good containers that are easy to clean and air tight (to prevent insects and other pests from having their fill). By keeping them stored appropriately, you’ll not only ensure your product’s longevity, but you’ll also make sure that your business will sell rice for a long time.

Final Thoughts

For kababayans working hard abroad, a bigasan business presents an easy and great opportunity to make more money. Still, this is a venture not pursued lightly, so make sure you do your homework (i.e. extensive market research, finding good people, etc.) before you proceed.