Compassion Beyond Unseen Borders, The Story of Amira Lilangan

Amira Lilangan, our August Compass GlobalPinoy Awardee has once again left the country to work abroad, particularly in Singapore, before we even got the chance to meet her personally and thank her for all her endeavors which lead to the aforementioned recognition. She has been committed in pursuing her dreams for herself while remaining persistent in showcasing her passion to help others in need, wherever they are, whatever the situation is, and regardless of their nationality and religious beliefs, the unseen borders.

Global Dominion Financing Inc. Davao branch met with her brother, Tahir Lilangan to convey how much our team, together with Compass PH, appreciates Amira’s efforts for her fellow Filipinos here in the Philippines and abroad. According to Tahir, Amira – the fourth amongst 5 siblings, has helped many Filipinos in Syria, amidst critical political heat, when she was working there to provide for their family.

When their father died in 2008 she stopped studying and started working in order to continuously provide for her family and fund for the education of the youngest in the family – Tahir. With much perseverance and persistence, their tandem has brought about the best results life could offer them: Amira earning more money; and Tahir finishing college with a Bachelor’s Degree. Despite such deemed luck, the working life in Syria was never a walk in the park for the bread winner. There was even a time when Amira got sick due to over fatigue and exhaustion from back-to-back work and community service efforts. “The one who’s been helping OFWs on their sickbed had no one to help her abroad when she got sick,” Tahir sadly told us during the interview, describing how difficult Amira’s situation was and how hard it was for their family members back in the Philippines to be aware of the challenges but remain unable to do anything about it given the distance.

Soon after saving enough for their family, Amira joined the Philippine government’s repatriation project to finally be able to come home to her family in Mindanao. Tides have turned then and Tahir and the rest of their siblings got their precious chance to help Amira when she went back to the Philippines. With funding help from her siblings, Amira was able to finish her studies, which leaves both of them now successful with their educational aspirations.

After finishing her studies in 2018, Amira re-launched her career in Singapore without forgetting to express her passion towards helping others. During our one-on-one interview with Tahir, it appears that it has been innate in their family to actually help other people in the community. Living in a Christian-Muslim community, it wasn’t any difficult for them to get used to showing care and compassion regardless of ethnicity, religion, and culture. Amira’s while in the Philippines, back when she was younger, has been spent in coordinating with different institutions and government offices in order to help her peers and neighbors. Tahir believes that it was their parents’ way of instilling discipline in them that has really influenced their behavior and personality to what it is today. He said that their father never imposed any type of physical reprimand to reciprocate their wrong doings, but has always made his statements clear to point that while mistakes are inevitable, learning from each mistake is vital. They were never taught to treat people differently, and they’ve been guided to show respect and compassion at all times.

The meeting, as usual, ended with a bonding moment with Tahir and a few GDFI leaders: Nancy Wacan, Mindanao Area Manager; Zenaida Soriano, Mindanao Assistant Area Manager; and Davao branch OIC Lea, while buying groceries for their family in SM City Davao. Most of the items purchased were said to be for the consumption of their mother, and their nieces and nephews, according to Tahir. It was an unforgettable meeting full of fun and success stories.

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