The Telemarketing Phoenix

More and more leaders embrace innovation as key to excellence, and for new ones, this concept is a little more intense given the need to think big and build new things day by day. Global Dominion is one of the prime companies in the Philippines that support and develop people and leaders, and continue to discover new talents with leadership potential. While the journey to complete development and thought leadership isn’t as smooth sailing as many assume, finding those with potential isn’t that difficult.

We all are leaders one way or another. In GDFI, new coaches and team leaders emerge as expansion and growth unfolds. Recently, they have on boarded a few more from its telemarketing unit. One of the few new leaders is Steven Yap. Steven’s team, called The Phoenix, has recently made a remarkable contribution to the telemarketing unit’s performance milestone in terms of the numbers of borrowers assisted and the loan amount released for these customers.

The telemarketing unit contacts those who applied for any GDFI loan product online or through our digital marketing platform partners in today’s internet base in the Philippines. With so many lending entities online and a few more which have ventured into in-app services, it is no longer so easy to find the best product and the reputable institutions to trust when applying for loans. Thankfully, Global Dominion has remained unmoved in delivering services beyond any other lending companies in the country. It stays focused in living by the value of excellence and care for their applicants and borrowers, while incessantly exploring new ways to be faster and better from any angle as guided by one of its core values – innovation.

While technology has surely been a huge part of GDFI’s telemarketing unit’s improvement, the human factor carefully delivered by the telemarketers, has surely remained steadfast and improving as manifested by its growing base and the increasing number of the loan applicants it has helped and assisted.

The Phoenix has been a performer from day one. With their undivided attention and all eyes and hands focused in helping our customers, it wasn’t a surprise that they lead in terms of performance recently,” GDFI Telemarketing Unit Head Desiree Delacruz said in an interview. “I hope that all the teams will follow suit and continue to push the entire organization and our customers farther,” Delacruz added.

Steven’s team celebrated their recent success with food and music, just like most teams in many companies do. “There is no magic in excellence, it is really about the hard work, choices, and persistence. That’s what I see everyone from my team. Let’s all keep up the good work, continue to live by our core values not only for ourselves but for our families as well – and of course for our loan applicants, our borrowers – so we can continue to help them achieve their goals and dreams. It really feels great to be working with you guys who are hungry for challenges and improvement,” Steven Yap shared through his social media account. He also thanked those who helped them achieve their goals and go beyond. “My journey as a leader is not only for myself and my family but for my team as well. Working hard with integrity and learning something new to improve myself every single day is already an achievement,” Yap added. He also used the following hashtags: #IChooseLove #TeamPhoenix #Milestone #TeleNewDept #ServiceIsTheDifference #LoanAtYourFingertips #GlobalDominion.

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