The Ultimate Guide to GDFI Sangla ORCR Product

In many ways, getting a collateral loan is better than applying for its more traditional counterparts. For one thing, they get approved more easily since there’s an asset on the line. They also offer lower interest rates, albeit with a more stretched repayment period. Now while many banks and lending firms out there offer terrific unsecured loans, few of them can match the Sangla ORCR product offered at Global Dominion Financing Incorporated (GDFI).

What is GDFI’s Sangla ORCR?

GDFI’s Sangla ORCR is an affordable secured loan product designed for Filipino vehicle owners who need financial assistance. Basically, GDFI will lend you money in exchange for the official receipt (OR) and certificate of registration (CR) of the car, truck, or any other vehicle you own. GDFI will hold your OR and CR as security until the repayment is complete.

How to Apply for GDFI’s Sangla ORCR?

Applying for GDFI’s Sangla ORCR product is pretty straightforward. If you’re a legal Philippine citizen and you have a documented source of income, then you need just meet the requirements listed below.

Requirements to Avail GDFI’s Sangla ORCR

  • 2 valid government-issued IDs.
  • Copy of the latest LTO-issued OR and CR.
  • Proof of residence (Note: A copy of electric and water bills will do, but in case none of those are in your name, then you need to present other documents that show your name and address).
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN).
  • Proof of income
    • Payslip for the last three months for employees.
    • Business permits for business owners.
    • Proof or receipt of remittance for the past three months for remittance holders.

Application Process

Once you have these documents on hand, all that’s left for you to do is following three steps. Take note that while GDFI aims to complete requests within 24 to 72 hours, the processing time would still depend on how you quickly submit your application form and other factors.

  • Fill Out the Application Form

This can be found on GDFI’s website. Applications can be completed within a minute, and GDFI’s customer service is also on stand-by should you encounter any difficulties.

  • Wait for a Call

One of their financial specialists would phone you soon after you submit your application to process and verify your documents.

  • Get Your Loan

After your application gets approved, you can pick up the money from the GDFI branch nearest you.


Why Go for GDFI’s Sangla ORCR?

As you can see, bona fide Pinoys with a steady source of income and an idle vehicle accompanied by its ORCR can easily avail GDFI’s Sangla ORCR product. But what makes it different from other secured loan products offered elsewhere? Aside from customizing their financial programs to suit the specific needs of individual customers, below are a few other factors that sets them apart.

  • Speed

GDFI can cater to your needs at a quicker pace. In fact, they pride themselves in their fast service, making sure customers like you get their Sangla ORCR applications approved within 24 to 72 hours!

  • Cutting Edge Infrastructure

GDFI is also an innovative champion of the modern finance industry, utilizing state-of-the-art loan facilities to ensure customer satisfaction. You can sit easy knowing that you’ll get top-notch tailor-fit cash loans programs like the Sangla ORCR from them.

  • Easy Application

Another thing that makes GDFI’s Sangla ORCR product so outstanding is that it’s very easy to apply for it. Just go to their website, select the loan product, click on the Apply Now button, fill out the form, then click Send.

  • Accessible Services

With more than 60 branches nationwide, GDFI’s Sangla ORCR product is readily available to all Filipinos residing in the Philippines. And as if that’s not enough, they also have excellent customer service.

  • Affordable Rates

Lastly, the Sangla ORCR product comes with a relatively low interest rate of 1.2%. This not only makes it one of the affordable secured loan products in the Philippines, but also ensures that borrowers can quickly settle their obligations.

Factors to Consider Before Availing GDFI’s Sangla ORCR

As the factors above prove, GDFI’s Sangla ORCR is one of the top-notch secured loan products you can avail in the Philippines. Still, getting any loan is a big decision to make. It’s crucial that you think about the following factors first before pledging your car for cash.

  • Current Financial Situation

Knowing your present financial standing is important when applying for the Sangla ORCR program. Aside from helping you determine whether you can afford it or not, it would also affect the amount of money GDFI will hand over.

  • Condition of Vehicle

Your vehicle’s present state will also play an important role when you’re applying for a GDFI’s Sangla ORCR. Your car’s age, model, components and other aspects would be thoroughly scrutinized before a decision could be made.

  • Reasons for Applying

While applying for secured loans like GDFI’s Sangla ORCR is relatively easy, you shouldn’t just borrow money recklessly. Get a car collateral loan only when there’s an urgent financial need (i.e., to pay for hospitalization bills, unexpected school fees, and what-not).

Final Thoughts

GDFI is a good financial firm to go to in case you need financial assistance. An outsider even reviewed their services one time, giving them a score of 9/10. If you’re in dire need of extra cash and you happen to own an idle vehicle, then you can avail GDFI’s Sangla ORCR product. Allow this guide to help you, and you can rest assured that your application would get approved in no time.