Things to Do If You’re Feeling Unwell on the Road

Being physically fit and healthy is a basic requirement before hitting the road. However, there are situations when driving where you’ll find yourself suddenly feeling off (whether it’s due to motion sickness or any other ailment). In such circumstances, it’s vital that you take the following steps:

  1. Find a safe place to stop your well-maintained car. You need 100% of your concentration to drive safely. And while most ailments won’t leave you debilitated on the road, it’s still a good idea to get off it if you’re feeling ill. So if you can, try to pull over at a gas station since they’ll have medical personnel who could provide assistance.
  2. Assess your situation. As mentioned above, most ailments don’t leave motorists so impaired that they can’t drive anymore. Still, best if you evaluate your condition before moving on. And don’t drive if it’s really serious.
  3. Ask for help. If your condition is that serious, better ask for assistance. If you pulled over at a gas station, then ask their medical personnel for help. But if you’re in the middle of the road, contact your loved ones first before anybody else.
  4. Stay calm. Because worrying and panicking won’t do you any good. In fact, it could worsen your health.
  5. Call the public hotlines. If your loved ones haven’t arrived yet and you can’t handle your illness anymore, then call for the public emergency numbers. The following are some of the emergency hotlines you can dial:
    1. Philippine National Police (PNP): 117
    2. Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA): 136
    3. NLEX-SCTEX Hotline: 1-35000
    4. Skyway System: (02) 88-SKYWAY (75-9929)
    5. South Luzon Expressway (SLEX): (02) 5318-8655
  6. Don’t push yourself. Say a medical team has already arrived and they told you to stay in your car interior while waiting for your loved ones. Don’t disregard their advice and insist that you can drive home on your own.
  7. Know your limits. Yes, the situation you find yourself in is indeed frustrating. But pushing your body beyond its limits when you shouldn’t would not help. On the contrary, it could end up worsening your illness.
  8. Use your medical kit. It’s always good advice for you to keep a first-aid kit in your car at all times. Aside from helping you patch up minor injuries should you get into an accident, having a medical kit would also make sure that you have the basic medicines you need should you ever find yourself suddenly getting sick while driving.

The Takeaway

Suddenly getting sick on the road sucks, that’s for sure! But instead of stressing about it, better follow the steps listed above. By doing so, you’ll be able to stay safe as well as get yourself back up in no time.