Things You Shouldn’t Leave Inside a Hot Car

It’s normal for people to leave some of their stuff inside their beloved new or used car. During the hot summer months, though, certain things must not stay inside your ride. Doing so will not only endanger your belongings, but it could also potentially leave your auto in ruins. So with that in mind, below is a list of stuff that you shouldn’t leave inside your hot vehicle.


Hiding electronics inside a hot car may sound like a good anti-theft idea, but it’s one of the most foolish mistakes you’ll ever make. Aside from the high temperatures negatively affecting your gadget’s integrity, doing so could also damage your car since certain batteries used in smartphones tend to blow up at a certain temperature. So don’t leave any electronic gadget inside your car under any circumstances.


Speaking of stuff that explodes, you also shouldn’t leave any type of lighter inside a vehicle. Although the temperatures need to be very high for lighters to explode (which is more likely during summertime), the heat inside the car can cause the flammable liquid in lighters to evaporate and gradually ooze out of its container. This not only damages your ride, but it could also pose a serious threat to your health as well as those who share a ride with you.

Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles left inside a sweltering vehicle will warp or melt overtime, releasing harmful chemicals into the liquid they contain as well as on your car’s interior. And this isn’t just limited to plastic bottles; certain baby bottles and sippy cups are also susceptible to this problem. This, if you want your car to remain in tiptop condition this summer, you had better make sure none of these plastic containers remain in its interior.


Summer can leave your car’s inside with high temperatures and humidity. Both are capable of decreasing a drug’s potency, which could lead to health complications especially during emergency situations. Certain medicines also contain elements that, although safe when ingested orally, could potentially pose a severe threat when airborne. So best never leave any meds inside your auto.

Wrapping Up

Common sense might tell you not to leave anything that moves or breathes inside your car, but that logic should also encompass certain non-living things as well. So to keep the pristine condition of your new or secondhand car, as well as to stave off any hazards health-related or otherwise, best keep the stuff listed above out of your ride during the hot season.

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