Timeless Rules for Handling Difficult Business Partners

Having someone beside you in your ongoing business is a great way to maintain your competitive edge in an ever-getting-aggressive market. However, there are times when you and your partner don’t see eye to eye. Factors like opposing personalities, different values, and incompatible goals could get in the way of an otherwise smooth partnership. If you’re also currently struggling with your business partner, then you’ve come to the right place. Below are rules you can follow that will help you keep things cool with your entrepreneurial frenemy.

Avoid Judging

Every business decision, even the tiniest ones, can seem large for the owner. So we couldn’t blame you if you feel personally attacked if your partner disagrees with you with an issue that’s important for you. That being said, you must not jump to conclusions about your business buddy’s character or mindset. Instead, try to consider their take on the subject and remember that you both entered this venture with a common goal in mind.

Preemptively Dissolve Fights

There are two types of conflicts business partners face: those that come out of the blue, and those that you can see brewing from afar. And while you need to deal with the former together in order to get through it, neither of you need to face the latter. In other words, if there are subjects that you think would cause disagreements between you two in the future, best talk it out. That way, you’ll end conflicts before they even begin.

Become an Active Listener

Another surefire way to ensure that you and your partner stay at odds with each other is by failing to listen to the other guy. Communication is key in every successful business venture, and that usually involves a lot of listening. Think about it: you have one mouth and two ears; that fact alone is telling about the importance of listening twice as much as speaking. By being the more active listener in your partnership, you’ll be able to handle your partner no matter how annoying they can be.

Know Your Roles

This rule complements the second one such that it helps dissolve fights before they even begin. By agreeing on your specific responsibilities in advance, fewer questions or confusions would occur regarding your roles in the business.  This would not only make the business flow run more smoothly, but it will also help minimize conflicts between you and your partner.

Remember These Rules

Working with a business partner can be both rewarding and hellish. As with any other relationships, you won’t get along all the time. By following the four rules above, however, you’ll be able to handle difficult business partners with relative ease.