Tipid Valentine Date Gimmicks

Ready for Valentines? Are you planning for your parents or for your partner, and haven’t thought of any idea that fits your budget yet?

We know how important it is for couples to spend time together during V-Day, but when we think of dates in general, we tend to think about expensive dining, or events. So here are some of the best Affordable V-Date ideas in town, according to the generous brains of our team mates.

Date-From-Home – Yes, stay at home and be a full-time husband or wife for once! Just kidding. Throw the kids to your in-laws’ house (kidding again, if you’re not used to doing this), and give them money to spend to make their stay there special as well.Cook the meal for dinner together, have a movie marathon watching distinct films or TV series. If you’re used to watching films then just lie down in bed and cuddle. Do some arts for a change.

Movie date – When is the last time you two went out for movies, Can’t remember? Well, that’s probably because you don’t do this usually. But this is your time to go out see the latest movies in cinemas and go extra special by going for imax or any extraordinary box office out there. Try 4D!

Go to an Art museum – They say “art and culture” can be romantic and its most recommended when it comes to dates. There are a lot of museums in Manila like the National Museum, Ayala Museum, Pinto Art Museum, Art in Island Museum, and The Dessert Museum.

Attend an Art Class – Do you suddenly feel your love for arts and want to make one on your own? Discover the inner artist in you with your partner and enjoy in an art class. Hopefully there’s an available tutor on the V-Day to teach you two.

Your Memory Lane – Go to the places that brings back your memory of the feeling the first time both of you met through your journey from strangers to lovers. Unless you guys met in an expensive place, this shouldn’t make you shell out too much.

Couple Massage – Wait! Instead of going to a spa for an expensive exclusive couple massage, go to the grocery store to purchase everything you’ll need to set up a mini-spa at your own home. Then make your hands work and be the masseur! That’s being tipid at its finest!

Ride a Bike around – Exercise and date in one. There’s no better way to celebrate your special day than to take care of the organ that makes you love him/her more day-by-day – your heart!

The Undying Karaoke – If you’re a couple who loves to eat, sing and have fun then this is for you. you two can show your talent and  beat each other’s scores.

Library Cafe – If you love to read books then bring your partner and enjoy reading wonderful books. No need to explain this thing further. LOL!

Sunset/Sunrise – a famous scene in movies and it’s very iconic but its really nice to see the sunset or sunrise with the one you love. And Yes, you can finally do this on Manila Bay!

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