Tips to Follow When You’re Flagged By a Traffic Officer

Nobody likes being flagged by a traffic enforcer. Not only is it downright embarrassing to get stuck in a jam, but violation tickets can also increase your car insurance rates as well as affect your credit score when applying for a cash loan. So whenever you drive, best abide by the rules as much as you can. But in case you see an enforcer coming your way, keep calm and follow these pointers.

Ask What the Problem Is

It’s part of a traffic officer’s protocol to inform you of your violations first before anything else. So before you hand over your driver’s license, better make sure they tell you why they’re asking for it first.

Don’t Give Up Your License Immediately

Don’t surrender your driver’s license to an officer until they tell you precisely what traffic rules you have broken as well as verified the validity of the ticket. Keep in mind, though, that traffic enforcers can take your license if you are indeed guilty of the violation. And in case you refuse, they can take out your plate instead.

Keep It Cool

While it’s okay to be defensive at times, you should never let your temper get the better of you when flagged by a traffic enforcer. Not only would it make things worse, but being disrespectful towards them is also considered a violation. Instead, you should let calmer heads prevail and talk it out as nicely as possible.

Remember Your Rights

Also, remember that you still have rights despite the traffic rules you broke. Don’t just blindly hold on to what they say; use your powers when necessary. For example, you have the right to say no if an officer tells you to step out of your vehicle. You can also ask them to stop ganging up on you, as it’s not allowed for them to even stand in groups of two unless there’s a special operation underway.

Accept the Receipt

But if it’s already proven that you indeed violated any traffic rules and the officer flagging you has obeyed his protocols down to a tee, then it’s time to say uncle, surrender your driver’s license, and get the traffic violation receipt. Both you and the enforcer must sign this ticket, and the latter must tell you where and when to redeem your license.

Final Notes

Follow these tips, and you can rest assured that you’ll be able to redeem your driver’s license in no time. But if you have any complaints or other inquiries, you can always reach MMDA or your local traffic management authorities through their hotline numbers or emails.

Adhere to all traffic rules and regulations not just to avoid being flagged, but to ensure your safety, as well as the safety of other motorists and people around you. It’s also going to aid in the longevity of your car’s life; the more you follow the rules, the less the chances of accidents are. Take care of your car; you’ll never know what it can do for you in the future. Did you know that you can use it’s ORCR for a collateral loan application? Imagine that! If you own a car and are in need of cash now, apply for our Sangla ORCR Loan.