To loan or not to loan, that is the question!

If you think that you should only apply for a loan product when you no longer have enough money, and it’s your last lifeline to survive, think again.

Credit is a contractual agreement in which a borrower receives something of value now and agrees to repay the lender at some later date with consideration, and generally with interest (source: investopedia). It comes in different forms and is served by banks and private lending institutions, like Global Dominion Financing Inc.: Personal Cash Loan for OFWs; Personal Cash Loan for Doctors; Car Collateral Loan (Sangla ORCR); Car Financing; Truck Financing; and Medical Equipment Financing.

While generally known as a liability or an expense, if used properly, a loan product may add up to your revenue. It is what makes availability of funds or capital possible.

You can answer the following guide questions to identify whether you are into the loan zone for good reasons, or bad ones.

  1. Do you have a valid or productive reason or purpose?
  2. Do you have the capacity to make repayments?
  3. Are you qualified for the loan product’s eligibility requirements?
  4. Are you dealing with a reputable institution providing valuable loan products?
  5. Will the loan potentially impact your life in a positive manner sooner or later?

You might come across a few thoughts in mind, which have contradicting or perpendicular sense. For instance, while loan products seem to be the answer to the prayers of those who are in critical financial situations and are really in need of emergent funds, eligibility and requirements look fit only to those who have excess money for its repayment / amortization. If you are stuck in this space, then you are in the same zone as where I was, years ago.

Here are a few thoughts which might aid in clarity:

  1. If you are in dire need of cash or the money for emergency situations, but are certain that your regular monthly savings can cover for your projected repayment amount, then you’re safe, go for it and apply for the cash loan.
  2. If you are interested in a collateral loan product and you own something of value and is acceptable as a collateral item, like a car’s ORCR, then you should be fine. Apply for the loan product and plan for your monthly repayment efforts.
  3. If you are ready to take your efforts to build the business you have always wanted to the next level, then apply for a personal or business loan for additional funds and make your success story happen.
  4. Having a loan doesn’t make you bad or put you in an undesirable financial state. In fact, it can be a tool to showcase good or improved financial capacity, if you earn a good record with your repayment. So appreciate its benefits and take good care of your monthly responsibilities.
  5. There are money / financial systems or cash flow systems, which really need interim funds to grow or progress. In many cases, business will experience the need for an alternative capital sources for select purchases, at some point in time, given the nature of supply and demand flows, especially in the Philippines, where you have to ensure you have solid fund / capital source prior to diving into a product-supply-heavy business.


Loan products are for all and everyone. Whichever state you are in, in your business or professional life, it is pertinent to review your need for any additional funding and your capacity to repay as committed. It is neither limited to those who have excessive money to pay, nor to those who are in dire need of emergent money but incapacitated to fulfill commitments for one reason or another.

Loan products should be seen as a bridge, one that connects you to your goals in life, if handled with full sense of responsibility and commitment. For feedback or inquiries about this write up, email:

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