Top 5 Reasons to Apply for a Doctor’s Loan

Being a medical practitioner in the Philippines is no small feat. A Doctor is probably one of the list of professions our parents have been considering for us.  However, along with the opportunity to earn good money is the underlying cost of staying relevant and being on top of the latest technology your field of expertise has to offer.  We have listed the top 5 reasons to apply for a Doctor’s Loan in the Philippines and how it can benefit you and your practice.

Funding a start-up practice.

Setting up a clinic for your private practice is not cheap.  Depending on your clinic location, and specialization a minimum amount of Php. 1 Million will at least get you off the ground.

Buying the latest medical equipment.

Talented doctors and quality medical equipment are a twosome of the healthcare landscape.  Purchasing or financing your medical equipment must be made with great care and forethought.  Buying new or used is another story.  Medical equipment promises patients better health care.  Your clinic should be well-equipped with top-notch technology.

Hiring medical staff.

A doctor is only good as their staff.  Let’s be honest running a clinic is not a walk in the park and you can’t do it alone.  Hiring staff for your practice is an investment of time competent employees mean happy patients and yield higher revenue..

Maintaining your clinic’s working capital.

It’s like a health supplement for your practice. No matter how productive your medical practice, you will need to borrow money at some point. Additional cash flow should help fill in the gaps between slow paying HMO providers, stock up on extra medications, if you want to add a second location, even plan for disaster recovery. A working capital is a survival tool. GDFI Doctors Loan is the financing partner that can get you that money right away!.

Take a vacation

We, at GDFI, understands that being a doctor can be challenging.  It is an ever-evolving profession.  Taking time off might seem unattainable but you deserve one Doc!  Let Global Dominion Financing Inc. take care of your financing needs.

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