Top Non-Bank and Non-Dealer OR/CR Sangla Loan Providers

The greatest places to get a loan are actually non-bank lending firms. The procedure is less time-consuming, and the standards are less stringent. You should go straight to these internet loan organizations and complete sooner rather than going to the bank or dealership to file your application and being stressed out by the demanding approach.

We understand that choosing a reputable lender may be difficult, so we’ve compiled a list of five of the best auto collateral loan companies for you to consider.


Global Dominion Financing, Inc.

Global Dominion Financing, Inc. is one of the Philippines’ most reputable non-bank lending companies. Car collateral loan or Or/CR Sangla Loan is one of the company’s financial solutions, and it has helped many Filipinos meet their financial demands without having to give up their beloved car.  

The secured loan GDFI, Inc. offers has a low interest rate of 1.50% and has simple and painless prerequisites and processes. Borrowers may easily file their applications at any of the 60 offices around the country. The company’s official website,,  features a part where anybody may get help with their enquiries and applications at any time of day or night. Other loan options offered by Global Dominion include car loans, company finance, doctor’s loans, personal loans, and more.

GDFI, Inc. has grown to become one of the country’s largest finance businesses after decades of operation. Professionals, entrepreneurs, OFWs, executives, and even entities benefit from its sophisticated and up-to-date credit facilities. Their aim is to support the Philippine economy, which aligns with their objective of being one of the organizations that assists Filipinos in achieving financial independence via inexpensive loans and services.


Asialink Finance Corporation

Asialink Finance Corporation becomes the Philippines’ leading online lending firm. Asialink Finance has grown its experience in lending products and solidified its reputation in the financial market since 1997. The firm is recognized for its car, truck, and other vehicle finance and collateral loans.

Borrowers and applicants may expect outstanding service because it has thousands of independent Loan Consultants and 700 employees to help them through the process. Consumer loans, second-hand car loans, mortgages, and business loans are among the many options accessible to different clientele.

Asialink Finance Corp. has developed from a three-million-peso capital to become the country’s top lending institution. Its mission is to be a catalyst for economic advancement by assisting businesses and individuals in achieving their financial objectives. Furthermore, the organization is dedicated to a purpose of offering accessible, rapid, and simple loans to the underserved market.

Quick Finance Loan is another name to look at from the list of loan firms. It is a private firm that provides community lending services through its multiple offices in various regions.

The firm provides an OR/CR loan with a monthly interest rate of 1.5 percent and a loan amount ranging from P100,000 to P3 million. The loan is repayable through Bayad Center and has a length of 3 to 36 months. The best part is that no collateral or post-dated cheques are required.

Other short-term loan products offered by Quick Finance Loan include OFW/Seafarer loans, doctor’s loans, real estate loans, vehicle loans, car/truck financing, and modified business loans. With these goods, the firm aspires to be the most profitable and well-known finance company in the country, with a strong presence throughout Southeast Asia.

Filipinos who own a car and have the deed of sale can apply for an OR/CR Sangla, or a car collateral loan without having to take the vehicle. They also give this type of loan even if the automobile is still mortgaged and being paid via the bank’s loan takeout program, although they want at least 70% to 80% of the payment to be made.

You don’t have to submit your application in person, and you can expect quick processing and customized treatment. Auto Loan PH has over 50 locations nationally and is dedicated to offering loans to people all across the country.

ORCR Loan Philippines can process your car collateral loan application quickly. The company’s name derives from the OR/CR loan, which has the lowest interest rate and no hidden expenses. is a lending business that provides free loan application advice and support. 

Most significantly, they provide loan products through knowledgeable and trained collateral loan brokers, banks, and associate lending institutions. The firm considers their quick and convenient service to be their product, guaranteeing applicants of a simple three-step loan application procedure. This is made feasible by their industry knowledge gained over 15 years of business.