Top Reasons Why Pinoy Truck Drivers are Awesome

Truck drivers are highly underappreciated in the Philippines, and many motorists get annoyed whenever they’re sharing the highway with one. Still, that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve our respect and awe. Below are the best reasons why truck drivers are rockstars in their own right.

They Bring Us Goods

Truck drivers are the prime reason why we can enjoy the goods we have today. For instance, instead of going all the way to Baguio or elsewhere to eat strawberries, you can simply visit your nearest supermarket for a pack. And that nice dress you recently ordered through Lazada won’t get to your front door on time without delivery services. All that is possible dur to truck drivers and truck financing.

They Help Sustain the Economy

A bigger reason to salute truck drivers is that they somewhat help sustain our country’s economy. By making sure raw materials, consumer products, and what-not properly get to their destination, truckers keep the intricate machine we call economy running 24/7. Imagine if they all stopped working. What would become of this country without them?

They Got Mad Driving Skills

Most Pinoys ridicule truck drivers, believing them uncouth and untrained. While it’s true enough that some truckers can be rough around the edges, you mustn’t think they don’t have great driving skills. In fact, truckers are some of the best motorists you’ll ever meet. Maneuvering a large vehicle, especially during hectic traffic takes mad skills, and only trained professionals can do that properly.

They’re Very Hardworking People

Truck drivers are just as industrious as you and me, if not more so. Aside from spending long and often hot hours hauling cargo in the traffic-plagued Philippine highways, they also have to deal with being far away from their loved ones. Plus, they need to face various challenges while working, including potential truck breakdown, unruly motorists, narrow routes, and financial constraints. Luckily, truck loans and other insurance packages are available to help them overcome such hurdles.

They Help Save Lives

Lastly, and we kid you not, many lives literally depend on truck drivers. Many of the products they haul are medical equipment and supplies. Thus, truck drivers help replenish the inventories of hospitals and clinics by making sure they get every equipment, supplies, and tools they need to save people’s lives.

Final Thoughts

As you can now clearly see, truck drivers deserve as much respect as any Pinoy motorists. Through their skills and services, they help make our country a better place.