Unlocking Success: Melai Felicidario Shares Business Advice in Ka-Partner Podcast Episode 1

The first episode of Global Dominion’s Ka-partner podcast, featuring Chief Operating Officer (COO) Melai Felicidario, is an interesting discussion about Sangla OR/CR or refinancing from a Filipino viewpoint. The episode not only covers financial operations but also provides important business advice. 

Ms. Felicidario emphasizes that many business owners are unaware of the various finance options available to them, specifically mentioning vehicles and real estate.She highlighted that Global Dominion aims to assist business owners in obtaining funding quickly, with processes such as Sangla OR/CR taking as little as 1 to 2 days and Sangla Titulo (real estate) requiring around 2 weeks, provided all necessary documents are submitted.She recommends that business owners should either be familiar with basic accounting or engage the services of an accountant to ensure the financial stability of their businesses.

Before concluding the episode, Ms. Felicidario uses a practical example involving the purchase and sale of ballpens to illustrate the concept of business expansion. For instance, if you buy a ballpen for 80 pesos and sell it for 100 pesos, you earn an income of 20. To expand your business by purchasing more ballpens, acquiring a loan might be necessary. Hence, you need to determine the quantity of units in your inventory besides the required capital. If purchasing in bulk, calculate the total cost to understand how much you can borrow, or even less, ensuring your revenue can continue to fund your business.

Watch the full video on the official Global Dominion YouTube channel:https://youtu.be/JMF1qbHWwak

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