We Better Werk: Global Dominion Financing Inc. as an Inclusive Workplace in the Philippines

Global Dominion Financing, Inc. has achieved remarkable success in the industry with over a hundred branches throughout the Philippines and a team of over 1,000 employees. 

This 2024, the company continues to keep abreast of modern times as we embrace diversity and inclusivity, with 12% of its employees belonging to the LGBTQIA+ community and are valued for their contributions to the company’s growth.  

Generally speaking, the LGBTQIA+ community are still facing discrimination in the workplace in the Philippines. Due to mandatory workplace uniforms, unrecognized skills, and cultural preferences, queer employees feel confined in their ability to express themselves, especially in the finance industry, when their preferred pronouns, names, attire, and contributions are not acknowledged.  

Creating an environment at work where diversity and inclusivity are highly valued and where everyone is treated with dignity and respect is crucial. An inclusive workplace that embraces individuals of all genders and sexual orientations can impact how the world is evolving, in addition to improving job satisfaction and employee performance.  

Global Dominion has always been committed to promoting inclusivity in the workplace. As part of this commitment, the company has been supportive of LGBTQIA+ employees in expressing themselves freely inside the workplace. The presence of queer employees has also contributed to a fun and positive work environment, where their presence lightens the mood and brings smiles to their colleagues.  

During New Employee Orientation, one of the on boarding employees shared an interview experience about a transgender employee who reapplied to the company. The reason for reapplying was that the employee felt the company was more open and diverse in terms of gender and sexual inclusivity in the workplace. She mentioned feeling safe and welcome within the company and found it to be a friendly environment. This story highlights the company’s commitment to providing a safe and inclusive environment for all individuals.  

Considering the evolving world, Global Dominion welcomes and accepts people of all genders and sexual orientations. GDFI believes that LGBTQIA+ individuals are one of the biggest assets in the industry and should be treated equally within the organization. “We better werk!” as our queer people say, to meet more goals and keep developing and prospering as a team.  

Don Matias (Global Dominion Chief People Officer) : “When we say we ignite and accelerate growth of all people, we mean all, we mean everyone. Regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, Global Dominion as an employer endeavors to be always fair, just, motivating, and fun!”