Which is Better: Natural Gas or Solar Energy?

With factors like pollution and climate change threatening our planet’s environment, governments and businesses are looking for and financing alternative sustainable energy sources to utilize. And two of the most popular clean energy sources being explored are natural gas and solar energy. But which one of these two is the better choice? Let’s check each of them below.

Natural Gas

With the risks brought about by climate change piling up in an unprecedentedly fast rate, the need to support low-carbon energy sources like natural gas is becoming more crucial. Not only would switching to natural gas help lessen the damages brought about by climate change, but it would also be the more cost-efficient option. In fact, surveys show that natural gas has become cheaper than coal for the past few years!

Natural gas can also come in handy when solar energy is scarce since it can quickly provide electricity. And by having more natural gas plants, countries could minimize power outages. So if you’re an advocate of clean energy sources, you would do well to include natural gas in your list.

Solar Energy

Meanwhile, solar energy is also presenting a clean and sustainable alternative energy source. Not only can it help provide power to large communities, but it’s also extremely nature friendly.

However, you need to keep in mind the fact that solar energy isn’t available 24/7 (Days aren’t always sunny, after all). That’s why most equipment used to harness solar energy always come with batteries that will help store enough power supply to get you by during gloomy days. Plus, as mentioned above, natural gas can help compensate when solar energy is scarce.

Despite these downsides, solar energy is still a great alternative energy source to consider. And with utility rates going up at an alarmingly fast pace, you would do well to rely on it for your electricity needs.

Can We Use Both?

But just because you prefer natural gas to solar energy (or vice versa) doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of both. In fact, when you combine both clean energy sources, you’ll get to enjoy sustainable power within 15 minutes. And that’s not to mention the contribution you’ll give to the protection of our environment.

The Takeaway

As you can observe, both natural gas and solar energy presents viable alternatives to traditional energy sources. And by utilizing both, everybody would be able to enjoy clean power in years to come.