Why OFWs Need Exercise While Working Abroad

Maintaining physical fitness may not be something many land-based (or even some sea-based) OFWs prioritize, but they could sure use its benefits. Not only would it help them become healthier and physically better, but it could also help you become more productive, becoming a great asset in your company in the process. But if you’re still not convinced, below are other reasons why you should work out even while toiling abroad.

It Relieves Stress

Stress and depression has become all too common in workplaces, both at home and abroad. Regular exercise can help you deal with this problem. For one thing, it raises your heart rate and improves your blood flow, enabling your body to release stress. It also helps your body produce serotonin and norepinephrine, hormones that improve brain function, enhances mood, and prevents depression.

It Cuts Health Care Costs

Availing health care services can be pretty expensive, especially for OFWs working abroad. By working out regularly, however, you’ll be able to avoid such expenditures. Aside from keeping you mentally healthy, exercising will also make sure you’re physically in tip-top shape to face the challenges in your workplace. This helps you keep your health care costs minimal, as well as allows you to save more money for more value-adding purposes.

It Increases Job Satisfaction

Being physically and mentally healthy will help global Pinoys like yourself become more content with your job, even if it’s a hard one. Sure, job satisfaction can be influenced by other factors, but it’s safe to assume that exercising regularly can contribute a lot.

It Keeps You Motivated

Working out regularly will also make you more energetic, motivated, and happy at your job. This especially helpful for foreign companies who want Filipino employees with improved brain function, better physique, and enhanced energy. By exercising, you’ll be able to keep yourself driven even in tough working environments, allowing you to financially provide for your loved ones at home.

It Reduces Absenteeism

Lastly and surprisingly, working out regularly helps lower absenteeism in the workplace. For one thing, employees won’t have to call in sick since they’ve rendered themselves fit from exercising. It will also allow companies to save money since it reduces the need for additional health care and fitness programs in the office.


As you can see, working out can bring many benefits for you and your employers. So you might as well hit the gym regularly while you’re working abroad.