A Letter to Global Dominion Financing Inc.

A hand-written letter was sent to Global Dominion Financing Inc. containing feedback on and/or review of the customer application experience and his overall satisfaction to the loan product and service.

It’s such deed that keeps us going, no matter how difficult or challenging our days could be, in order to serve our purpose, which is to provide accessible loan products and services so that every family is empowered to achieve their goals and dreams.


Respected Loan Managers,

I am Jimmi and I applied for an OFW Loan last June, 2019. I am very thankful for the favor that you showed on renewing my loan. I really do appreciate that your company has a speedy procedure for loan approval, and every step is taken on merit.

My wife is very fond of studying and this finance was the only thing that was in my way in order for my wife to be able to pursue her dreams. I am now able to send her to school again and support her studies. She’s now taking Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education in a reputable school in Pampanga. I cannot thank you enough for this.

Please accept my regards and thanks once again. I shall remember your kindness.

Yours truly,



Jimmi’s story is definitely just one of the many inspirations our team has been reaping through the years. All of those have proven no less than the power of true service, clear intentions, and learning from experiences, be it in the field of financing, or any other business industries across the globe. Our innovative loan products combined with excellent customer care have been the open secret to the organization’s successes. And while limitations and obstacles are inevitable, it is with all our might and energy that we stay on top of our toes to be better than yesterday, every single day.

The team has recently established its Customer Success Department to further strengthen handling of feedback and uphold the welfare of our borrowers and all other stakeholders within and outside the company. “While our loan products serve as vessels that move our customers closer to their goals, it is their genuine feedback and thoughts that help us get closer to ours,” said Patricia Poco-Palacios, GDFI General Manager. “We recognize that we’re touching many lives at a personal level, and knowing that they appreciate us beyond the loan we approved for them affirms how we’re living our team’s purpose,” the GM added.

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