A Review: GDFI Makati Branch

Makati, the Philippines’ financial hub, is known for its skyscrapers and shopping malls. There are tons of business units located in its core district – and one of which is that of Global Dominion Financing Inc.

By the number of the families it has been helping, there is no doubt that Global Dominion Financing Inc. in Makati is one of the best companies in the said area. But a lot of circumstances have challenged its stance, and a few of which I discovered via people’s feedback.

“Actually, di ko napansin na may office doon.”

“Medyo maliit para sa isang financing company na matagal ng nag-eexist.”

“Di pansinin yung location.”

These are just a few small things which have made me more curious and energized to finally pay that office a visit. If this institution has actually been helping thousands of families through the years, why would any of these matter much?

My GrabCar stopped in front of a restaurant; adjacent to it is a signage that says “Global Dominion Financing Inc.” So, I must have reached the right place. (Yey!) The feedback I’ve read started playing in my head as I roam around the external spaces of the office. It is indeed not easy to notice, and you have to get inside an open space to get access to the stairs to the second floor where the office actually is. The number of cars on the ground floor made it look more like a parking area. The office itself on the second storey seems too closed or not very welcoming to new visitors. Finally, though spacious, I know it could really get crowded in there, knowing how many Filipinos need access to GDFI’s loan products and services.

But all of those didn’t matter much to the extent I thought it would. Opening the door you’d instantaneously smell success. You will also feel the warmth and the joy of the staff assisting those who are lining up for their loan applications. Assisting those in need of financial support is not easy, and a solid and grounded team has to be on top of it. And they are! The team is a bunch of energetic peeps, with high hopes to provide service not only to the residents of Makati, but to those who are visiting them for faster processing as well.

“We are just days away from moving to our new home, our new GDFI Makati branch!” Jethro Penamante, GDFI Makati Branch Manager, says in an interview. This new office shall cover for the areas for improvement based on previous and recent feedback from their beloved customers. It is with care and compassion that they’ve decided to move to a new business unit. Their clients’ welfare has been their top priority, and making the entire loan application journey easier, faster, and more convenient for them has been the main point of it all. “Our clients, our loan consultants, and even our team will surely love our new office,” Jethro adds with a bigger smile on his face. The branch manager commits that the new office and its ambiance will surely reflect the company’s bright purpose, which is to empower families to achieve their goals and dreams. I also strongly believe that the team has formed an environment of excellence and care more than enough to deliver high-grade service with a heart.

GDFI Makati Team: Yvette, Jesstine Jephthah, Nina Sarah, Greg Ian, Maria Virginia, Rommel, Sherwin, Jayson, Joan Edra, Crisanto, Jean Rose, Andrea, Alvin, Johnald, Charlene, Pablo, Mary Cris, Franz Alexandra, Honey Grace, Claudette, Helen, Leah, Tragy John, and Jethro.

Stay tuned for updates on the launching of the new GDFI Makati branch. But if you need any type of loan product and/or service now, there’s no need to wait. Apply through the gdfi.com.ph website and get assistance the soonest.

Global Dominion Financing Inc. has been in the industry for more than 16 years now and as it rises above and beyond, it continues to uphold its purpose which is to provide accessible financial products and services so that every family is empowered to achieve their goals and dreams. This is true not just for the clients it serves but for the employees and the rest of its stakeholders as well. #LifeAtGDFI

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Basta Loan, Global Dominion!