The Advanced Leadership Course for GDFI’s Future Leaders

Global Dominion Financing Inc. once again sharpened a batch of leaders with the help of, formerly known as OCCI, through its Advanced Leadership Course (ALC). Attendees were from several branches, the credit committee, and business development segments.

Training and development are at the top of the priority list of the organization when it comes to improving employee engagement and work force skills. The institution’s growth have been essentially influenced by the growth of the very people contributing to its day-to-day operations, taking care of the customers’ needs, and upholding the values that pushes it from point A to point B. Its successes, both big and small, are definitely not out of luck and seasonality, but are certainly results due from integrity, mindfulness, and pure effort.

The way we view ourselves, our perspectives, and the world and the people around has tremendously changed since we’ve started the journey through the trilogy of training facilitated by,” Philip Beltran, one of GDFI’s branch managers stated in an interview after participating in the ALC program. “[I] can’t wait to look at things differently and probably with improved clarity in order to better deliver customer satisfaction to our borrowers and other stakeholders,” Philip added.

GDFI’s Assistant General Manager, Jeric Cornejo (JLC) believes in the power of fueling motivation and in the essence of helping people grow to help the company grow as a result. “Our employees’ and customers’ successes are ours, and so our company’s success is definitely theirs,” JLC utterred, while explaining how win-win a result can be when a company invests in people development.

The Advanced Leadership Course (ALC) is the next step towards achieving personal mastery. Awareness of limiting paradigms is just the beginning. The ALC empowers you to overcome the paralyzing fears and self-limitations that have long suppressed the creative expression of your true self. This four-day intensive process is an opportunity to experience profound personal breakthroughs, guaranteed to radically transform your relationships with yourself and with others. (formerly OCCI) is an action leadership school for personal, organizational, and societal transformation. Committed to building a “world that works with no one left out” has guided thousands of individuals, corporations and communities in realizing their highest potential.

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