GDFI Cares – The Birth of Global Dominion’s Customer Success Efforts

Customer service is a given in any industry, in fact many organizations make sure that this particular department grows and becomes stronger to consequently make the entire organization better. By keeping customers and clients satisfied companies elevate their branding and reputation, and ensure the marketability of their products and services for new and repeat customers. Many people check customer feedback and reviews prior to dealing with companies and/or organizations or buying their products.

This is no different in the field of financing where customers inquire, apply, submit documents, follow up, and renew. With the abundance of loan and lending options on the internet (even offline), many Filipinos really want to make sure they’re dealing with reputable and legally permitted institutions. Given that Global Dominion Financing Inc.’s purpose is to provide accessible financial products and services so that every family is empowered to achieve their golas and dreams, they make it a point that customers (which includes applicants, consultants, referring entities and renewing clients) are well taken care of and are provided with the service at the level defying its definition in the private lending industry in the Philippines.

When the second half of 2019 started, GDFI has officially built its Customer Success Department – one which handles more than inquiries and concerns about payment, application, processing, requirements, and the likes, but knowledge and services beyond its regular products and services as well. This is done in several ways, including but not limited to: asking for the purpose of the loan; offering new products and services which are made available for old clients and/or previously declined applicants; and creating learning opportunities online and on the field for both customers and non-customers. Of course, they want all of their clients to succeed, especially with the use of their loan proceeds. But whether applicants are approved or not, they are ought to learn something new in the process. Prospective clients can also learn from reading materials being shared via a wide array of communications platform.

The Customer Success Team took its first steps in handling the following:

• Inquiries and Feedback
• Customer Surveys
• Account Care Emails
• Customer Satisfaction Measures
• Net Promoter Score Measures
• User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) Improvement

And they are poised to develop so much more to keep engagement, satisfaction, and success as high as possible for all GDFI’s stakeholders. They also facilitated the first Customer Week campaign which empowers everyone to be customer-welfare-focused employees and reinforce our value of Care towards colleagues, managers, leaders, consultants, agents, and of course, customers and their families and friends.

Since the establishment of the aforementioned department, the team has started gaining more positive reviews and accolades from its customers and clients, like the ones below.

• “I was immediately accommodated once I entered the office. They greeted me and my sister with a warm smile. Fast service and efficient. Thank you, guys. You make us feel important and respected.”

• “Hi! Good Day. I highly commend the/your staff for being approachable and consistent to their task. I truthfully recognize Global Dominion Financing Incorporated and I will recommend this establishment with my sincere oath.”

• “I really like your staff from Lipa City branch. She was really helpful along the process of my application. I am an OFW from Dubai and since from the start that I have inquired about the process/requirements of the loan, she was very accommodating and responds promptly. And she looks like she knows what she is doing. It is very obvious that all her colleagues ask her for advice about the work. She is so professional.”

• “Good morning! I just want to add to my feedback about my renewal in Global Dominion. That you have a very good employee for a good assistance and very good customer service. More power to your company. God bless!”

• “Good day! We would like to thank you very much for securing our personal loan. You were organized and thorough and professional, as well as kind, we put our trust in you. Thank you for your patience as well. You stand above the rest. Will definitely recommend you to our friends.”

GDFI still has a long way to go in growing and strengthening Customer Success, but there’s certainly no stopping the institution in making its products and services better and on top of the rest. After all, it lives by its tag line #ServiceIsTheDifference. Global Dominion remains to be Filipinos’ financing company of choice when it comes to Car Collateral Loan, OFW Loan, Seaman’s Loan, Doctors Loan, Car Financing, Car Loan Takeout, Truck Financing, Medical Equipment Financing, and Salary Loan.

If you have customer service inquiries or concerns, just email to