5 Unique Businesses to Capitalize This 2021

It’s the first month of the year 2021, the best time to apply for a business loan and invest to create more money. Everyone thinks the same way and the types of business that people went for in the past months are similar. Oversaturation is not profitable.

So, better capitalize on new ventures that haven’t gone oversaturated. So, consider these unique businesses when you apply for a business loan. Hurry up before everyone does.

1. Co-Working Spaces

Co-working spaces are like restaurant cafés except that the admission is paid hourly or in a form of a subscription. This fee allows the customer to enjoy the creative ambiance, hi-speed internet, and free-flowing coffee – all of what makes working for online freelancers comfortable. With the increasing opportunities online, there is also a growing need for readily available offices for these freelancers who don’t have a stable internet connection and those who don’t stay in one place to do the work.

Co-working spaces can also be rented by students who want to study outside the school or their homes. However, these hubs are ideal for professionals, so there should be the observance of a specific level of noise. More than its aesthetics, prioritize the internet connection and function of the space. The amenities do not only help freelancers with their online jobs but also allows them to bond with each other from time to time and counter the boredom of working alone.

  • Starting capital: P500,000 (more or less)
  • Core: good location, hi-speed internet, functional spaces

co-working space

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2. Vending Machine

Vending machines are the right choice for those who want to have a business but cannot commit to 24/7 supervision. All you have to do is place the vending machine in a location where people usually pass by or crowd in. The regular task involved in this kind of business is the maintenance of the machine and the replenishment of the items. The products you can sell through the vending machine have a wide variety.

Owners can opt to sell items commonly sold such as bottled water, soda, snacks, or toiletries. You may include socks and hankies – essential but often lost. You may start a new trend by venturing into theme-specific products such as sanity products (masks, sanitizers, alcohol, face shields) or Korean goods (noodles, drinks, snacks). If you have a shop, you may consider adding a vending coffee machine that will also produce another stream of income.

  • Starting capital: P10,000 to P20,000
  • Core: strategic location, regular maintenance, essential or staple products

vending machine

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3. 3D Printing Service

3D printing service has been around for years but its viability as a business is quite new and growing. This amazing technology lets you translate almost all your ideas into tangible products, but it takes the right design and function of the product that makes it sell. This is perfect for those who are adept at designing, marketing, and technical aspect of 3D printing.

The artist involved with product design can create souvenirs, corporate takeaways, pretty toys, or functional objects for sale. Furthermore, you can also allow personalization of prints for wider options and a better customer experience. 3D Printing allows you to use a lot of ideas, so your sale depends on the right product to create.

  • Staring capital: P10,000 to P40,000
  • Core: Product design, marketing strategy, and technical skills in 3D printing

3D Printer


4. Home and Office Equipment Rental

Home and office equipment rental business is a new niche market. It is similar to the concept of Airbnb where spare rooms (of a property) or unused cribs are being rented out for travelers. However, as to how the name goes, this type of rental only refers to the home furniture and office equipment.

Leasing these home furniture and decors serves convenience to travelers who wish to stay at their destination for a prolonged period. It saves them time, money, and effort in making their apartments feel more comfortable and replicating that homey ambiance.

Startup companies that need immediate physical offices are also potential clients to this kind of business. Instead of depleting their funds by purchasing office equipment and furniture, they can rent from rental vendors to accommodate operations temporarily. It will now depend on the contract how long this lease will last.

Both travelers and entrepreneurs will benefit from how easy to dispose of furniture should the travel plan is completed or should the business venture fail.

  • Starting capital: P200,000 to P500,000
  • Core: Logistics, accounting, marketing, and customer service


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5. Moving or Relocation Services

Moving companies or relocation services are giving a new and modern face to “lipat-Bahay.” For individuals or families who are about to change their home address, carrying all the movable properties from a place to another can be an extreme hassle, especially when no personal vehicle will be used. Aside from the cost of transport rental, hauling stuff without help may result in breakage and damages.

The clients for these services are the transient who are mostly younger families and professionals that want to be close to their workplace. You can give your logistic services to corporate events and deliveries to expand your client demographics. Transportify and Mober are known for these hauling services.

  • Starting Capital: more than P5,000 (provided that you already have a truck or vehicle for hauling)
  • Core: Logistics, accounting, marketing, and customer service

Transporting and moving