Global Dominion Employee Feature – Melinda Lopez

Melinda Lopez, Global Dominion’s employee number three (3), is still with the Company and now leads the marketing training division. Lopez started as an admin staff in 2003—the same year the Company started—and continues to share her talents and skills to date with the new team members through training. She then became part of the sales and marketing team which was mainly doing offline efforts, especially back then. She experienced distributing flyers, standing in kiosks in canteens, and even sending application documents via a fax machine—a part of her story that will never cease to amaze the new hires of the organization.

With small wins and the burning desire to grow, the Company grew from one branch in Baguio to 79 branches nationwide as of December 2022. Along the way, Lopez grew personally and professionally through her experiences in Global Dominion and the training programs she attended. She bought a car and a house, and raised her two kids all by herself, with Global Dominion as her Ka-partner Sa Pag-Angat!