Safe Driving Tips When Cruising Through Ashfall

By now, you’re probably already well aware that the Taal Volcano is currently spewing out ash all over. Your boss probably allowed you to work from home today, even advising you to stay indoors until things calmed down a bit.

But what if there’s an emergency? Is it safe to drive right now? To be honest, not really. But in case you really need to go out with your vehicle, below are tips that would help keep your car in good condition.

Drive Slowly

Much like driving through storms and typhoons, you need to drive more slowly through Taal’s ashfall. Doing so would keep you safe on the road as well as ensure your car stays in tip-top shape during the journey.

Don’t Tailgate

You should also keep your distance from other motorists when traveling through the ashfall-ridden road. Particularly avoid tailgating the vehicle right in front of you, since its rear wheels would leave a cloud of ash in its wake and affect your visibility.

Set Your A/C at Recirculation Mode

It’s not exactly healthy to breathe in Taal’s ash particles. Reset your car A/C at Recirculation Mode before driving. That way, you can keep your car interior’s atmosphere well insulated from the ash-stricken environment outside.

Avoid Idling Your Car Engine

Don’t let your car stay idle for too long while driving through ashfall. Otherwise, you might end up clogging your air filters and ruining your vehicle. In case you’re stuck in traffic, best if you turn off your engine while waiting it out.

Don’t Use Your Windshield Wipers

The ash from Taal will obstruct your visibility while driving, but that doesn’t mean you should use your windshield wipers to get it out of your way. Sure, it will restore visibility to some extent, but it would also damage your windshield in the long run.

Turn On Your Headlights

Again like driving through storms, it’s recommended that you turn on your headlights when driving through ashfall to compensate for the situation’s low visibility. Doing so would not only help you see your surroundings while driving, but it would also help other motorists see you better.

Pull Over If Visibility is Poor

But just in case your visibility becomes too poor for you to continue driving, find a safe place to pull over your vehicle and wait it out there. You can even use the time and place to wash off the ash from your windshield to restore visibility.

One Last Bit of Advice

Follow the tips above and you can rest assured that you’ll get to your destination safely even as Taal is erupting. But if you can help it, try to keep your car in your garage until things are back to normal. After all, that’s your safest option right now.