Where Can You Invest Your 5000 Pesos?

Lapu-Lapu, regarded as the first hero in the Philippines, could only be found on one centavo in Philippine currency. As his heroism and legacy turn to its Quincentennial anniversary (500 years), a proposal was submitted and approved by President Duterte to honor the Mactan hero through a commemorative bill. The committee suggested him on a 2000-peso bill, but Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) decided to place him on higher domination and so become the face of the limited 5000-peso banknote.

5000 pesos is well-deserved memorabilia for Lapu-Lapu. It will only be available for purchase as BSP will only release 1000 pieces. Are you interested in getting one of these exclusive bills?

Moreover, the amount is the highest denomination in the Philippine currency, but do you know that 5000 pesos is more than enough to start an investment?

1. Part-time Business

Warm up the entrepreneur in you by starting a side business. Aside from earning extra income, it also prepares you in the business industry should you decide to give up your 9-5 job. This pandemic and its effect on the economy have caused the flourish of small businesses – most of which are online – as it enables people to thrive amid lockdowns and loss of employment.

The part-time business may not be as grand as the empires you know, but 5000 pesos is enough for a starting capital. You just need to find out which business will work for you with the given budget. It can be out of your passion like baking, woodcrafts, tutorial, content creation. It can also be a dropshipping business or live-selling of products online.

2. Stocks and Funds

If you think running a business is not your cup of tea, then another option to have a passive income is investing in funds, stocks, and other liquid assets.

While trading does not need too much manpower as running a physical store or selling tangible goods, it requires you to study how it works. You should have a great understanding of the economy, global market, and the variables that affect the profitability of particular stocks. Is there a stock investment worth 5000 pesos? Of course, you have to research on these companies. Follow pages that promote stock trading and join groups for discussion on fundamentals, techniques, and whatnots.

For a person who is not bold to venture on a high-risk investment, there is also a conservative investment in which you can place your money. Ask your local banks about mutual funds and shares.

3. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies have been here for many years, but only a few people believe in its profitability because the majority of people doesn’t understand how it works. This type of investment can give you the highest rewards but, in return, entailed the highest risks. However, recent years show growth in cryptocurrency investments and some crypto units skyrocket with promising returns.

Another good thing about cryptocurrencies is that the minimum amount for you to start investing is below 5000 pesos. Be it reminded though that cryptocurrency is unpredictable, so if you can take a roller-coaster ride, this is for you.

4. Real Estate

Surprising as it may seem, but real estate investment can start with 5000 pesos. That amount can be your monthly mortgage to own a house via installment, which in contrast has become difficult to find nowadays. But another way to make money in real estate is through investing in property stocks or REIT (real estate investment trust).

5. Social Enterprise

Social enterprise investment is not as popular as other investment vehicles, but this is more than just making money. It supports sustainable development for the economy, society, and nature, which is much needed in present times, an online option for this investment is Cropital, a social enterprise that aims to improve the income and productivity of farmers all over the Philippines through financing and crowdfunding. The ROI is around 3.5%.

There are other social enterprises in the country and these are a meaningful investment you can be into.