Who Should Inspect Your Used Car

Should you get a used automobile inspected by a professional pre-purchase car inspection specialist before you buy it from a dealership?

Pre-purchase car inspections are usually performed by reputable used car dealerships before placing a vehicle on their lot. So, if you’re buying a car and can’t inspect it yourself, buying from a renowned dealership is usually a good bet.

Who is qualified to inspect a used car?

Our pre-purchase car inspection checklist can assist you in performing your own free, basic checkup. Even if you enjoy the car and don’t detect any problems, it’s still a good idea to have a mechanic perform a thorough inspection. You can also request an examination from the following if you don’t know a reliable mechanic:

  • Automobile repair shops
  • Mobile car inspection services
  • Car inspection companies

What is the cost of having a car inspected?

When it comes to pre-purchase vehicle inspections, people have a lot of questions.

  • Are car inspections free?
  • How much does a mechanic’s inspection of a used automobile cost?
  • Is it possible to find a car inspection near me that is open on Sunday?
  • Can I find a car inspection near me open on Sunday?

Well, that depends. The car could be inspected for free by you or a buddy (even if that friend is a mechanic). But, in the end, you’re purchasing peace of mind, so it’s worth spending a little money to save a lot of money by getting a professional pre-purchase car examination. Car inspection experts have a lot of expertise in evaluating cars, and they employ cutting-edge equipment to verify that the results are accurate and consistent.

How long does an inspection take?

It’s difficult to estimate how long a car inspection will take, but a pre-purchase car check usually takes no time at all. A thorough check of an older used car could take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour on a modern car. Classic cars, commercial vehicles, and exotic cars will likely take longer and cost more than a standard car. Only specialized inspectors should inspect these vehicles.

You should also account for the time it will take you to complete your pre-purchase vehicle inspection paperwork, which could take up to 10 minutes. However, you may have to queue, which could take some time. If you are unable to take time off during the week, look for a car inspection center that is open on weekends. Or, you can find a mobile car inspection business that will come to you instead.

The Negative Aspects of Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspections

Congratulations on conducting thorough research before purchasing the first vehicle that comes your way. Buying a used car is a huge financial commitment. After all, you’ve paid a high price for it. One of the most difficult aspects of buying a used car is having to walk away from one that you really want but that common sense tells you not to.

If you’re extremely eager to buy a specific automobile, you may put yourself in a vulnerable situation. You may be willing to accept an offer with which you aren’t completely satisfied, or you may choose a vehicle that may cause you problems down the line.

That’s why a pre-purchase vehicle examination is so important when purchasing a secondhand car. You can use our checklist to run through the fundamentals visually, but you should still have a professional complete a pre-purchase vehicle inspection before you buy it.

Remember that the current owner is selling the car for a purpose. Use a full auto inspection to give you that extra piece of assurance that the automobile is in good working order before you sign on the dotted line.

For assistance on car inspections before purchasing your car, don’t hesitate to ask Global Dominion, Inc. about it.