Why It’s Important to Have Comprehensive Car Insurance in the Philippines

A comprehensive car insurance can not only provide you protection in case you and your vehicle get into an unfortunate incident, but it also offers you a wide array of perks you won’t be able to enjoy otherwise. But if you’re still having second thoughts about getting one for your own ride, then allow the following reasons to change your mind.

Accidents Happen
The Philippines is not a place for the faint-hearted when it comes to go cruising on a car. Just taking a look at EDSA is enough to impress that fact! And no matter how careful you are, chances are you’ll get into a car accident at one point or another. Having your car insured gives you a sort of safety net when that happens, providing you, your vehicle, and even anyone riding with you all the assistance you’ll need.

To Weather Storms
Another reason why car insurance can be helpful is because the Philippines is a typhoon-prone place. Storms, monsoons, and floods regularly hit the country, particularly in Metro Manila where traffic is intense. Having a comprehensive car insurance can aid you in case you get stuck in traffic during the stormy seasons, providing financial assistance for flood-related problems or even replace your vehicle altogether if it gets too damaged to fix.

In Case of Theft or Vandalism
Comprehensive car insurances can also come in handy on the off chance your ride gets stolen. Most comprehensive car insurance products cover theft and repair costs for any damages following failed theft attempts. It can even cover for expenses incurred from vandalism as long as you follow appropriate steps like calling the police to report the incident, noting and taking photos of all the damages done, and taking precautions to prevent similar events from happening in the future.

Repairs are Expensive
Car repairs generally cost a lot of money, even minor ones. If unprepared for damages that your ride might sustain, you could end up in a deep financial hole. By having your vehicle insured, however, you’ll have access to car financing services that would be able to provide you money in case your car needs a tune-up or in times of unexpected trouble.

Get Your Car Insured
Like it or not, you need to get your car insurance. Not only will it protect your vehicle (along with yourself and anyone riding with you), but it will also make sure your ride is in top-notch condition.