Why Truck Drivers Also Need Insurance

Truck driving is a hard profession. Aside from making sure the cargo you’re responsible for gets to its destination intact and on time, you also need to face various and unique challenges on the road. These two alone are reasons enough for truckers like you to get insurance. But if you’re still unconvinced, read the other reasons listed below.

To Cover Loss, Damages, and Injuries

By getting insured, you would be able to financially cover yourself should you get injured while working. The truck insurance would also take care of expenses incurred in case the vehicle and cargo gets lost or damaged while in transit. Other damages like vandalism, collisions, theft, and natural disasters would also be managed though general truck liability coverages, among others.

To Protect Business Image

More likely than not, you’re working for a trucking or shipping company. By having their fleet insured, your company would be able to make sure that the public sees them in a positive light, allowing them to enjoy a good reputation as well as get more customers in the days to come. Moreover, the benefits truck liability coverages offer allows companies to keep you and their other top drivers on their team longer.

To Enjoy Higher Limits

If you’re a truck driver, then you’re aware that you’re constantly exposed to risk while working. Depending on the situation, you could end up spending thousands of pesos just to pay for punitive damages, medical expenses, and lawyer’s fees, among others. Luckily, truck insurances have higher limits than typical car liability premiums, allowing you to overcome these roadblocks more smoothly.

To Bolster the Driver’s Credit Score

A lesser known benefit of truck insurance is that it helps you maintain a good credit score. Generally speaking, insurance programs help facilitate loans to the individuals and organizations it covers, guaranteeing to pay the lender in case the borrower is unable to do so. In short, having truck insurance increases your chances of getting your truck loans approved.

To Comply With Legal Requirements

Lastly, the law requires trucks and other vehicles be insured upon registration. By getting truck insurance, you’ll be able to meet not only your contractual requirements, but also your legal obligations. Plus, it also helps bolster your credit score, as most money lenders tend to approve applications made by law-abiding citizens more often.


As you can see, having truck insurance can give you benefits like truck financing, boosted reputation, and higher limits. So if you’re a truck driver and you’re still uninsured, now’s the time to get one.